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We guide artists and new talent in branding and positioning their name. By staying close to their unique qualities we believe that together we can achieve maximum results.

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Our team creates offline and online content for series and film productions by thinking out of the box. We also organize events varying from concerts to festivals.

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We specialize in PR and communication strategies to create exposure for a person, product or project. We care about every aspect of your brand and recognize the importance of integrity.



Age: 18
Chest: 100 cm
Waist: 79 cm
Hips: 97 cm
Height: 195 cm
Shoes: 45
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Photo credits: Kjer Photography


Age: 23
Chest: 97 cm
Waist: 81 cm
Hips: 83 cm
Height: 183 cm
Shoes: 42,5
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Photo credits: Kjer Photography

Taryll Jackson Live

It wasn’t until 2009 that Taryll launched his official website where he shares his personal journey with music. It was here, he could showcase the process of song writing and producing and show the creative side of producing a song from beginning to end.

With enthusiasm and verve, on Mother’s Day 2012 in honor of his late mother Dee Dee Jackson, Taryll debuted his first solo EP: My Life Without You. A few months later, on his birthday, August 8, 2012, Taryll released the single “Best of All Time” a tribute to his Uncle Michael. The single was taken from his second EP, Undeniable which was released on August 29, 2012 on his uncle Michael’s birthday. Resuming work with his brothers, 3T, over the course of time, it wasn’t until September 12, 2017 that Taryll released another solo single “Start It All Over Again” and EP TARYLL Remixes. The following year, in 2018, the singles “No Limit” and “Next Time” were released.

After a decade of sharing his music and transitioning into his own musical journey, it’s time to experience Taryll Jackson live at the Melkweg. “Taryll Jackson Live” is an intimate and exclusive show where Taryll solely shares his new music with his audience. Tickets are limited. Be sure not to miss this unique event.

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